Travel Inormation

Travel Information

Druk Peaceful Holidays - BHUTAN is not only a service oriented travel agency in Bhutan nevertheless Druk Peaceful Holidays - BHUTAN also provides every travel information before getting into Bhutan. We offer many unrivalled opportunities and important travel information for the travelers to visit this mystical destination, the land of myths and legends through our customized tours and treks programs. We emphasis to give more fact access to experience the living Bhutanese culture, intact environment, inspiring architecture and friendly people for our valued customers. Our trips are guided by well experienced guides who gives our clients all the travel information even after getting into Bhutan which are very necessary to adopt with the rules and regulation of young democracy Bhutan, whose insights will contribute for a memorial trip to Bhutan and we never give surprise to our clients with regards to rules and regulation, geographical features, climatic conditions, and many other important policies that our travels must know beforehand.


Bhutan experiences a great variation in its climate. Summers are warm with average daily temperature ranging from 20 to 25 Celsius, while winters are cold. In winters temperatures are usually below 15 Celsius. So bring with you a couple of warm clothes and comfortable shoes to go with the weather, the terrain and the program. You might want to consider ‘what to wear’ for hikes, trekking and sightseeing, as well as for dinners, appointments and functions that we have for you.
Others that you could consider bringing with you would be a pair of sunglasses, sun screen lotion and a hat; antiseptic cream, anti-histamine cream, anti-diarrhoea pills, altitude & car sickness medicine; insect repellent, flash light (w/spare batteries) umbrella, camera, films and accessories (including spare camera batteries)etc.

Car Rental

Druk Peaceful Holidays - BHUTAN has a fleet of transport. We provide Tucson Car, Toyota Hilace Bus , Toyota Costar Bus , Hyundai Santa fe Car, Sonata Car, SUVs and Toyota Prados, depending upon the size of the group. This are all associated with most experienced drivers along with our professional tours guides with valid tours license provided by the Tourism Council Of Bhutan.


Visitors are accommodated in government approved tourist hotels with decent facilities. Traditional Bhutanese food is very hot and spicy but visitors are served milder and palatable dishes and may even include western dishes.

Tourism Policy

Even though the potential for tourism development is enormous, Bhutan has chosen to ignore the global pace, placing happiness of the people before outright material gain. A policy epitomized by “high value low volume” tourism, which is sustainable and sensitive to preservation of its heritage in a rapidly changing world. In trying to strike a balance between the past and the present, authenticity and sensitivity govern the development of all tourism Products.